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Fidget Cube – 6 Sided Magic Toy that help you to Increase your focus, improve productivity and release stress!

Fidget Cube – 6 Sided Magic Toy that help you to Increase your focus, improve productivity and release stress!

What is Fidget Cube?  A fidget cube is made of high-quality vinyl material and it is the best desk toy designed to help you to increase focus, release stress, increase productivity, cope with boring class or meeting room and etc. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.

The Fidget Cube is designed by Antsy Labs. It has sensory tools on all sides: a rocker switch, gears, a rolling ball, a small joystick, a spinning disc, a “rubbing stone”, and 5 buttons. The cube is intended to provide an easy way to occupy one’s hands and other senses, particularly for self-soothing.

Fidget Cube Features


For more information about fidget cube, you may watch the video below:


Looking for a million dollar business opportunity? Have you thought of “Fidget Spinners”?

Looking for a million dollar business opportunity? Have you thought of “Fidget Spinners”?

Started from the 2nd quarter of the year 2017, the whole world is crazy about this little hand spinning toy, and undoubtedly influenced most of the traders from the internet to fill up their web store with this spinning toy. Based on our market survey and research,  the demand of this spinning toy or “Fidget Spinner” has increased dramatically overnight and many traders and manufacturers from China were facing the shortage of supply due to the steep increase in sales order from online merchants all around the world.

So, what is fidget spinner? and why this product is getting such a great demand from the marketplace around the world?


According to market information, fidget spinner is a type of stress relieving toy as it claimed, however, there are no scientifically proven yet so far. The basic construction of a fidget spinner consists of a metal ball bearing in the middle, with additional 3 bearings surrounding it. These 4 bearing are installed or assembled together at the allocated space on a strong ABS plastic shell. The purpose of these additional 3 bearings serves to stabilise and balance the fidget toy when spinning it.

In China, there are over thousand of suppliers or wholesalers selling various types of fidget spinners. These fidget spinners come with various types of material such as metal, brass, titanium, stainless steel, plastic, wood and etc. Some fidget spinners are made of special themes such as Batman, Spiderman, Superman and much more. The types of bearings generally used are ceramic, metal (stainless steel or chrome) and hybrid designs. Different bearings produce different vibration, noise level, and spin time.

This toy may help people who have trouble focusing or anxiety by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or stress.

If you are new to this fidget spinner, you can get one now from this web store —> Fidget Spinner Malaysia

How to win your customers in this competitive business environment?

How to win your customers in this competitive business environment?

Corporate gifting marketing strategy or customer loyalty campaign have played an important role in our modern e-commerce business platform and environment. With increasingly intensive competition from all traders around the world, adding to the enhancement and innovation of IT gadget and internet network facilities, it is no longer barrier for consumers to find whatever they want at a cheapest cost and faster shipping way to arrive their doorstep! Many traders or businesses especially retailers are suffering with this fast changing and evolving online trading battle. With above price war, it is definitely not easy to survive or continue to capture wider market share without a good marketing strategy or business model.

At Everest Promo Sdn. Bhd., we are constantly looking into this situation to adopt a new strategy and adapt with market movement in order to cope with these volatile and unpredictable changes in the marketplace. We continue look for new ways to help our customers and business associates to utilize our expertise in corporate and promotional gifts industry to maintain and strengthen their business relationship with customers, suppliers and also their employees. Corporate gifts help to connect your business brand name, products and/or services to your targeted customers as a way to show your appreciation as well as keeping each other connected whenever they see your logo on their desk, purse, key chain, drink ware, travel gadget and etc. The silence and yet impactful tool to let your customer remember your presence always.

How do you start your 1st relationship campaign? Well, it is as simple as 3 steps as listed below:

1. Choose your preferred products from our website based on your budgeted expenditure. We have a price filter feature located below product browsing categories which allow you to select the price range that you wish to spend.

2. Send us your logo, tagline, telephone number or email address that you wish to be printed on the product. Our designer will then transform your request into production artwork for your final visual before proceed to production.

3. Finally, how you want us to pack for you, in terms of packaging method. We have a selective gift boxes available based on your budget if required.

Research has shown over the years that corporate gifts worked and they still work. If you’re new to it, it’s time for you to incorporate it as a part of your marketing strategy.

Build Stronger Relationship with Corporate Gifts

Build Stronger Relationship with Corporate Gifts

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our customers and business associates who have been supporting us to grow our business into the next level throughout the past 10 years. Without your support, we would not be here today serving more than 5000 customers within Southeast Asia market. Your support are important and valuable for us to continue our on-going journey to achieve a more successful milestones in years to come. Here at Everest Promo Sdn. Bhd., we poised ourselves as one of the well-performing corporate gifts, door gift, free gift, cenderahati, cenderamata, premium gifts, promotional gifts providers catering for government sector, private sector, retailers, distributors and online merchants. Our gifts products are distributed throughout Peninsular Malaysia from Kedah, Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and up to Johor Bahru. We are committed to deliver ready made products within 10-12 working days to your doorstep with our dedicated express courier service company. For more information, please drop us an email to sales@epromo.com.my. Thank you!

Pembekal Cenderahati Korporat Malaysia

Pembekal Cenderahati Korporat Malaysia

Everest Promo Sdn. Bhd. adalah sebuah syarikat yang berpengalaman dalam industri pembekalan dan pembuatan cenderamata.  Syarikat kami menumpukan perkhidmatan utama dari segi cetakan logo atau jenama syariakat pelanggan kami sebagai cenderaramata atau untuk bahan perniagaan syarikat masing-masing.

Pelanggan kami terdiri daripada bahagian swasta, kerajaan atau persendirian yang ingin menceburi bidang cenderama yang begitu menrik dan penuhi cabaran.

Sepanjang 10 tahun dalam bidang cendeamata, Everest Promo Sdn. Bhd. telah berjaya menyakini dan mendapat sokongan dari pelanggan kami yang mengalakkan dari sektor kementerian kerajaan Malaysia, universiti, sekolah-sekolah, kolej dan juga sektor swasta melingkungi seluruh Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak.

Untuk mempertingkatkan taraf perkhidmatan kami yang lebih cekap, syarikat kami telah berdatar dengan Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia dengan no.sijil – K2216935371602370 untuk memudahkan proses pembelian dan pembayaran yang lebih lancar.

Untuk mendapat keterangan lanjut tentang produk kami, sila hubungi talian kami di 04-6461833 ataupun email kami di sales@epromo.my untuk mengetahui kod bidang kami yang lebih teliti.

Sekian, terima Kasih dan salam sejahtera dari Everest Promo Sdn. Bhd.

Sila layari laman web kami di http://www.epromo.my

USB Flash Drive Customization

USB Flash Drive Customization

We supply and ship all across West & East Malaysia to all places, especially Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Shah Alam, Selangor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan… not forgetting Ipoh, Perak, Melaka, Kedah, Perlis, Pahang, Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu; as well as Labuan FT, Sabah & Sarawak.

USB drives are an ideal premium or valuable gift with logo printing for corporate customers, great for branding, impactful as it is reusable, small and compact which requires little space for transporting the USB drives to event venue, lightweight, and more. #powerful #powerfuldevice #powerfulmarketingtool #premiumgift #anyoccasion #lookexpensivebutaffordable

It can be made of material like plastic, soft PVC, metal, stainless steel, PU leather, lanyard fabric, etc. and we use only good quality chips of brands like Toshiba, Samsung, etc.

The website link to all USB drives, USB pen drive and USB flash drives in our website is http://epromo.my/product-category/usb-flash-drive/

Our website link: http://epromo.my  and like us on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/epromomalaysia

Minimum order begins at 100 units at 8gb capacity for each design or type (mix colours allowed) and lead time would be in 2 – 3 weeks / 10 – 14 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays.

Price begins at RM13.00/unit (subject to 6% GST) at MOQ of 100 units. Printing options available are: silkscreen printing, offset printing, laser engraving and heat transfer. Really cheap USB drives, give us a call now! 04-646 1833 or drop us an e-mail if you have a design that you would like us to make but you don’t see on our website or blog (below).

Other storage capacities are available at 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, and more.

If you would like to make SD cards, we have them too.

Credit Card USB Flash Drive – Full Colours Print

Credit Card USB Flash Drive – Full Colours Print

Oh YYYYYYYYYYYES it is, this time round we are introducing to you the full-colour printed credit card USB flash drive which carries the storage chipset on its tiny foldable slot. And it does not take a genius to figure out where this product gets its name from. Its size is similar to that of a credit card’s. And because of its big (big when compared to other thumb-size USB flash drives) surface made of ABS, it allows any colour or unlimited colours to be printed on both sides of the card.

With both sides of this USB flash drive card surface available for printing, this product is a hit among our valued customers as it is an ideal expensive-looking (perceived to be expensive) yet inexpensive corporate, branding, advertising, memorable or door gift for “professional” occasions and events. You can have your range of product(s) and/or service(s) printed on them on one side and have your contact details printed on another.

All you have to do is to send us the high resolution logo or artwork and we will prepare the artwork for your review, FOC.

The minimum order quantity is only from 100 pcs and they all come with a matching plastic packaging box, FOC.

Don’t we all know how portable a USB flash drive is, as a storage device? So…naturally this flat credit card size USB flash drive fits right into any wallet or purse and pretends to be one of the cards that we all carry, now how cool is that?

We offer a really good deal for this Credit Card USB Flash Drive – really cheap, one of the lowest guaranteed. Get a quote at 04-644 6833 or write in to sales@easydrive.com.my immediately!

P/S: Agent or reseller’s price is available.

Visit www.easydrive.com.my for more cool USB flash drives!