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Power Bank 4200 mAh . Gigo Ultra Slim . PB-G1

RM 21.50

(Price published above is based on minimum order quantity indicated below, and it does not include the imprint of logo. Enjoy a further discount for larger order quantity!)

POWER UP YOUR SMART DEVICES ANYWHERE & ANYTIME with this ultra-slim yet powerrrfulllll power bank that works excellently with almost any smartphone, tablet or device. If you’re tired of constantly running low on battery with your smartphone, this might just be the brilliant solution. So, fret no more! Simply plug-in and use, it’s just so simple! This ultra-slim li-polymer power bank is made of tough aluminium casing with a cool and sleek metallic surface to have your company logo or brand logo imprinted for achieving the greatest marketing or advertising impact.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs

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