We are operating beyond an ordinary retailer or wholesaler or trading company by emphasizing on a COMPLETE solution leveraging on our years of experience in corporate & promotional gifts industry in Malaysia. From answering customers inquiriy, preparing proposal, quote submission, sample preparation, production schedule monitoring and update, final quality inspection, logistic management and finally up to date accounting document to ensure every transaction are processed without any interruption. We are trained to care about the success of your project in this competitive business environment. We’ve learned from tens of thousands of orders supplying to all sorts of companies and organisations of all sizes over the years to make sure that yours is a success.

Our competitive advantages are:
1. Customer Service Management
2. Product Identification and Proposal
3. Design and Concept Creation
4. Global Procurement and Benchmarking
5. Branding
6. OEM / ODM Manufacturing
7. Inventory Management
8. Account Management
9. Logistics Solutions
10. Promotions

Our experienced management team and the well organized operation structure have surpassed many of our rivals in this corporate & promotional gifts industry. Everest Promo Sdn. Bhd. (Epromo) is committed to optimize your budget with the right corporate gifts and promotional products at competitive prices, professional customer service and premium quality through a network of domestic providers and strong collaborative associates offshore.

Our ongoing product development plans as well as carefully composed business milestones will facilitate a clear direction and positive growth for Epromo in years to come. And we are very keen to push the bar for every order you place with us so that we can all grow stronger together.
Above everything we are confident that we can deliver the results you seek while providing significant values for you in the process based on your needs. Let our experience work for you!