Promotional stationery are perfect producst to choose as a corporate gifts or promotional gifts. Most of the stationery products are able to imprint your business logo and message on the cover or outer shell, be it with plastic, wood, paper or metal surface material. Our branding solution team are able to identify the best printing material and method to use on these promotional stationery. We carry ready stocks for most of the stationery displayed in our websites in order to meet urgent and ad-hoc order requirements.


Eco Notebook

Eco Notepad Set – E111

From RM 6.50 RM 5.50
Quatro Metal Pen 3

Quatro Metal Ball Pen. EPRMT982

From RM 1.05RM 1.35
Stationery Set BG816-1
A5 PU Notebook ST104-2
3 in 1 Notebook – 658-4

3 in 1 Notebook . EPRNB1829

From RM 10.80 RM 8.80
A5 PU Notebook 3066-1

PU Hard Cover A5 Notebook . EPRA518-3

From RM 19.00 RM 18.00
A5 PU Notebook 3069-3

A5 PU Notebook . EPRA518-2

From RM 28.50 RM 25.50
A5 PU Notebook – 3075 – 3

PU Notebook – A5 – EPRA518-1

From RM 28.50 RM 25.50
A5 Notebook with Line E123-ID

Notebook A5 – EPRID189

From RM 13.00
Stationery Set PU Leather- BG818-1

PU Memo Pad & Stationery Set . ST-NP-008

From RM 6.50RM 12.50
Coma Notepad-Main1

Plastic Notepad with Pen . ST-NB-002

From RM 5.50 RM 4.50
Eco Ball Pen -1
Crystal Metal Pen -1

Crystal Metal Pen. EPRCMP167

From RM 3.80 RM 3.50
Vector Ball Pen 1

Vector Plastic Ball Pen . EPRVB179

From RM 0.85RM 1.25
Plastic Ball Pen -EPP18002 – Cosm

Plastic Ball Pen. Cosmo. EPR18002

From RM 0.90RM 1.25
Plastic Ball Pen – EPP18004 -Trance

Plastic Ball Pen . Trance . EPR18004

From RM 0.92RM 1.22
Plastic Ball Pen – EPP18003 -Flexi-1

Plastic Ball Pen. Flexi Hex. EPR18003

From RM 0.87RM 1.17
Multifunction Pen -IDH-MP001

Multifunction Ball Pen – EPRMF012

From RM 0.95RM 1.35
Stylus Ball Pen 1

Flip-Pro Stylus Ball Pen. FPS98

From RM 1.30RM 1.60
New LA Ball Pen -1

Galite Plastic Ball Pen. EPRPB178

From RM 0.95RM 1.30