Travel Gadget

Giving travel gadgets as a promotional gift has everything you need for a successful advertising campaign; cost-effective, used daily and well received. As a result you raise your brand awareness over a long period and earn the recipients gratitude and loyalty – all at extra value for money.In the age of technology gadgets are all the rage and because they offer versatility and are useful to the recipient, they are one of the most effective branding tools and promotional items on the market. Studies show that 97% of recipients keep gadgets they are given as promotional gifts whilst the remaining three per cent give them to friends or relatives.

Travel Adaptor 6

International Travel Adaptor . TA-001

From RM 7.00RM 9.50
Luggage Lock ELL402

Luggage Lock – Rey – ELL402

From RM 1.50RM 2.80
Luggage Tag 401

Luggage Tag . KAI . ELT401

From RM 3.50RM 5.50
I-Ring White

iRing Universal Masstige Ring Hook . IR08

From RM 3.50RM 5.50