Promote Your Business with Marketing Gifts 

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A marketing gift is a type of gift that is popularly implemented in most of the businesses in Malaysia and other countries around the world. Corporate marketing activity and gifting campaign are part of the entire marketing process and it has become an essential task to accomplish in order to sustain and win over the market share from other rivalries in the same industry.

The term corporate gifts have expanded into various categories such as door gifts, free gifts, appreciation gifts, annual dinner gifts, birthday gifts, loyalty gifts, redemption gifts, premium gifts, promotional gifts & etc.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate presents, or gifts, may be given as a means of showing appreciation for efforts made by the recipient that have benefited the corporation. In other applications, a corporate gift is sometimes described as a one-time presentation to a local charity or municipal council as part of the company’s community involvement efforts.

Appreciation Gifts

One of the more common examples of this type of gift has to do with employees of the business. Corporations often utilize gifts of some sort to recognize employees who have rendered a service to the company that is considered above and beyond the usual expectations.

Premium Gifts

Presenting a company gift to customers is a relatively common public relations strategy. It is not unusual for companies to gift clients with some type of token or gesture of appreciation when the customer has generated an equitable amount of sales over the past calendar year. Many companies choose the December holiday season as the ideal time to send a company present to each client who meets the criteria established by the corporation.

Door Gifts

A simple token of appreciation for the participation of your customers or visitors with something that uses it in their daily life. In selecting a door gift, you can’t go wrong with emphasizing the word – functionality. If your gift is something that makes your guest go “Ah, I’ll surely have a use for this”, chances are you’ve already won them over.

Promotional gifts are actively practiced in Malaysia with an objective to push the sales output and achieve the business target. Promotional gifts cover a comprehensive range of products from office desk, cars, household, outdoor, electronics products and other unique items developed with the company name and business message printed together with the artwork. The purpose for these promo gifts is twofold. First, the free items often function as a means of advertising the company and its products. Second, the items are a handy way to keep the company name in front of existing customers, helping to build customer loyalty. Promotional gifts come in all sizes and shapes, with some gifts designed to be practical while others are intended to inspire a sense of fun.

There are several different types of promotional gifts. Some of the more common examples are everyday office supplies that are emblazoned with the company name and logo. These include such helpful items as rulers, note pads, pencils and pens, magnets, and desk calendars. Small but useful promotional products of this type are ideal to take along when calling on an existing or current customer. At some point during the visit, the salesperson provides the client with one or more of the items, many of which can be kept on the desk and help to keep the name of the vendor in front of the customer all through the workday.

Item such as a bag, calendar, cap, clock, diary, pen, etc., given away to current or prospective customer. These items usually carry the name and address of the firm, as well as information on the products and services, and serve as reminders. Also called advertising novelty or advertising specialty.