Corporate gifting marketing strategy or customer loyalty campaign have played an important role in our modern e-commerce business platform and environment. With increasingly intensive competition from all traders around the world, adding to the enhancement and innovation of IT gadget and internet network facilities, it is no longer barrier for consumers to find whatever they want at a cheapest cost and faster shipping way to arrive their doorstep! Many traders or businesses especially retailers are suffering with this fast changing and evolving online trading battle. With above price war, it is definitely not easy to survive or continue to capture wider market share without a good marketing strategy or business model.

At Everest Promo Sdn. Bhd., we are constantly looking into this situation to adopt a new strategy and adapt with market movement in order to cope with these volatile and unpredictable changes in the marketplace. We continue look for new ways to help our customers and business associates to utilize our expertise in corporate and promotional gifts industry to maintain and strengthen their business relationship with customers, suppliers and also their employees. Corporate gifts help to connect your business brand name, products and/or services to your targeted customers as a way to show your appreciation as well as keeping each other connected whenever they see your logo on their desk, purse, key chain, drink ware, travel gadget and etc. The silence and yet impactful tool to let your customer remember your presence always.

How do you start your 1st relationship campaign? Well, it is as simple as 3 steps as listed below:

1. Choose your preferred products from our website based on your budgeted expenditure. We have a price filter feature located below product browsing categories which allow you to select the price range that you wish to spend.

2. Send us your logo, tagline, telephone number or email address that you wish to be printed on the product. Our designer will then transform your request into production artwork for your final visual before proceed to production.

3. Finally, how you want us to pack for you, in terms of packaging method. We have a selective gift boxes available based on your budget if required.

Research has shown over the years that corporate gifts worked and they still work. If you’re new to it, it’s time for you to incorporate it as a part of your marketing strategy.